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Spiritual Healing is the ancient Indian science - therapy to cure the physical and psychological illness, without - touch, drug, pain and any side effects. Spiritual Healing is an art which gives extraordinary, unexpected and unimaginable results. It is simple to learn and easy to practice.
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Date :- 14/5/2017


Crystal Parashakti Chikitsa 
Time :- 10 AM


Date :- 20/5/2017 To 27/5/2017


Teachers Training Course 
Time :-






Divine Meditation

Date : 25 / 06 / 2017
Time : 8.30 AM

Venue : 408, 4th Floor,
Milestone Building,
Nr. Drive-in Cinema, Thaltej,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015 India


What is sanatan dharma ? : SANATAN DHARMA, KNOW IT, RESTORE IT, SPREAD IT.



“Sanatan Dharma” translates into “Eternal Religion”- It has been there from the evolution of the universe and will be there up to its end.

“Dharmam Rakshati Rakshita” which means “The universal truth is the existence of one’s own self and the existence of others”

We are born on this earth to perform certain mandatory duties, which is the ‘dharma’ (religion). These mandatory duties are taking care of one’s own self, one’s family members, being a part of the society, work for the progress of the nation and to express gratitude to the Almighty. To ensure that the mandatory duties are performed completely and to the best of one’s ability it is essential to have a perfect healthy body. MORE


   " Divine soul, you are blessed

      Know your velues respect your self. "