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His Holiness "Shri Shri Mahamana Babaji"

The Northern Himalayan peaks from Rishikesh to Badrinarayana are still blessed by the living presence of Shri Shri Mahamana Babaji and his spiritual group. "I have no words to introduce Shri Shri Babaji and his divine work, Babaji is not only the great Himalayan enlightened grand master but he is also prophet of prophets" said Swami Vashistha and added babaji is secluded grand master who has kept his physical body for millenniums though he ever looks young of twenty five Babaji is born on 27th sep. 207 BC. In the village of Bengal province. He is a beloved disciple of the great Rishi Agastya who had taught him the divine knowledge of Hatha yoga surya vidya (solar science) and a science of immortality and liberation.

Babaji is the Param Siddha (Supreme Perfected being) who has achieved the state of a param mukta (Supremely free from death) limitations or boundaries at time and space. He can move anywhere with or without physical body in the universe. Babaji is not only immortal but he is also omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

Babaji has his own vision and mission for the spiritual development of human being. The great prophets like Mohamed, Christ, Krishna , Buddha or mahavir come to earth for specific purpose, they return as soon as it is fulfilled but Babaji is appointed to assist and to guide prophets for their work. That is why he is called the Prophets of Prophets. Such prophets always hide themselves from the common people. They have power to be invisible at will generally they instruct their disciples to keep mum about them. Babaji has initiated to Shri Adi Shankara and has taught him the science of yoga and solar science to restore the Guru order. He also initiated to famous medieval Saint Kabir. His nineteenth century disciple was Shri Shyamcharan Lahiri Mahashaya. While twenty first century disciple is Swami Vashishtha, the grand master of hatha yoga and science of spiritual healing. He never lives in same place for more than a week but moves from place to place in the northern Himalayan mountains with his selected group of disciples. The group is always ready to obey Baba's word's "Dera Danda Utthao" to move from that place.


Babaji can be seen or identified by others only when he desires. He generally speaks in Hindi but he easily can speak in any language his immortal body does not require food therefore he seldom eats. Occasionally he accepts fruits, porridge, halwa or cooked rice in milk for a social courtesy.


Babaji is only a authentic authority who can modify the posture and process of the yoga according to the requirement of the age. Babaji and his group meditate and practice Hathayoga and processes of yoga and solar science regularly. He researched and developed the new systems of yoga the spiritual healing  ( Parashakti Chikitsa ) to make the physical body disease free and healthy, during the practice of hatha yoga. He first taught this divine knowledge to Swami Vashishtha and ordered him to teach his chosen ones to serve the human being.


Babaji said - "To serve is the nature of divine".