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Kids Memory Empowerment

Kids Memory Empowerment: While similar to the Memory Empowerment, this course is best suited for children between the age group of 5 years to 12 years.

3 Months Advanced 20

Memory Empowerment

Memory Empowerment is a unique combination of ancient knowledge and modern science which enables to restore memory effectively and enhance the development of mind, body and soul.

3 Months Advanced 20

Param Tatva Upasana Gurudiksha

Param Tatva Upasana Gurudiksha is undertaken to attain oneness with the Supreme Being (Param Tatva). Param Tatva Upasana is for individual development of a person.

3 Months Advanced 20

Siddhatma Pratishapan

Siddhatma Pratishapan is a divine ancient tradition of initiation for those who wish to take sanyas and walk the Spiritual path. In this process the soul of a SAINT is grafted with the soul of a person just like the stem of a good healthy tree.

3 Months Advanced 20

Parashakti Crystal Healing

Parashakti Crystal Healing: This course is a wonderful combination of ancient knowledge and yogic process with Crystals as instruments to heal. Crystals are available in various colors and shapes. Each colour and shape has its own power.

3 Months Advanced 20

Parashakti Chikitsa

Parashakti Chikitsa Course is the divine knowledge to serve others through healing without any drug or medicine. This course contains basic techniques to heal people suffering from physical and psychological diseases/ ailments.

3 Months Advanced 20