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Swami Vashistha

Swami Vashistha is the Himalayan enlightened grand master of the hatha yoga, solar science and spiritual healing. He is the beloved disciple of Shri Shri Babaji. He was in the group of babaji for fourty years but Babaji ordered him to establish the ashram-Institute for spiritual practice to guide and to care saints who practice spiritual process - sadhana at unknown and remote place of the northern Himalayan mountains. Swami Vashishtha established the divine siddhaashram just near to tapovana at goumukha, from there Swami Vashishtha and his beloved disciples are looked after the all requirements of unknown saints and guide the new comers. They practice hathayoga and process of yoga and solar science research healing yoga process solar science and Spiritual Healing and create the new era in the mysticism.


Swami Vashistha is just child like, full of divine love and compassion. He never gets angry. His genial eyes are full of love and compassion. He cannot see the misery of others. Always he blesses others for the good health and prosperity we will find him always in the bliss.

" Every One have right to change their fate"
- Swami Vashishtha