Parashakti Chikitsa, (Spiritual healing) is an ancient Indian science – therapy to cure the physical and psychological illness, without touch, drug, pain and any side effects. Parashakti Chikitsa is a divine process which gives extraordinary, unexpected and unimaginable results. It is simple to learn and easy to practice.


The fruit of Parashakti Chikitsa, which we are enjoying, is the result of constant and continuous research work of years and years done by Babaji. This ancient precious knowledge has experienced by holy saints, sages and many disciples of Shri Shri Babaji, It is the precious gift of Shri Shri Babaji to human beings. Indian Spiritual Healing Foundation is fully dedicated to propagate for spreading the popularity for wide acceptance of spiritual healing in sake of human being in the world. Parashakti Chikitsa is time tested and proven, its Importance as successful drugless holistic healing therapy. In India, Parashakti Chikitsa is widely accepted and practiced for treatment of acute chronic, fatal and incurable diseases in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Gujarat.


Where we get Subtle Life Force Energy

Every being get subtle life force energy from air by breathe, Sunlight, food –water are other main sources of subtle life force energy.


What is main Principle of Parashakti Chikitsa.

The whole universe is full of various animate and inanimate. All inanimate are consist of five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. While all animates are consist of five elements and consciousness (Life force energy). The whole universe has its own harmony – environment. It is controlled, managed and operated by nature. Human body is microcosm of the Universe. Human body is the creation of five elements and life force energy, when the balance of five elements and life force energy is disturbed, diseases occurs in the physical body. Very few people know that they have another two body except physical body, which are known as the Causal body and the Etheric body – AURA. Aura has its Chakras. That chakra’s not only nourishes the physical body but also expels the toxins, wastes and disease energy and cleans the physical body.


Any physical or psychological diseases first appear in the aura, and then it enters physical body via causal body. It disturbs the balance of five elements and life force energy. This is proven by science with Kirlian photography by taking photo of the aura. Our saints and sages were traditionally Clairvoyant and had been seen the aura with naked eye. It is clairvoyantly observed that disease can be found in aura even before it appears on physical body. It is possible to diagnose and treat the disease before it appears on physical body. Prevention is better than cure. It is easier and speedier to heal the disease while it is in the aura and not appear in physical body. It can be prevented by proper medication or Parashakti Chikitsa. This is the main principle of Parashakti Chikitsa.