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About The Course

Parashakti Chikitsa Course is the divine knowledge to serve others through healing without any drug or medicine. This course contains basic techniques to heal people suffering from physical and psychological diseases/ ailments. Healing activates and balances the auto immune system of the human body thus curing or preventing diseases. Healers and the object also experience tremendous vitality and youthfulness, love, peace and happiness, confidence and success.

In the words of Ameeta Pradhan “It was magical when my husband was cured of severe ache in the back. It pained me to see him to even able to do even mundane daily activities. We did all investigations but nothing worked. With healing, I was directed to the right doctor and he was fine in 7 days. It was magical”.

Parashkati Chikitsa cures through the Supreme Energy- Parashakti. The Supreme Energy or Parashakti knows what is best for a particular person and will guide him/her correctly in any given situation. Once healing begins, progress begins. The object is guided or reaches the correct course of action when he/she receives healing. For the healer, it is a quick, simple and joyous way to complete one’s karma and to feel the oneness within.

This is 16 hour course spread over 2 days. The healer will guide you through yogic processes of correct breathing technique to harmonize thoughts and emotions. You will then be guided to the physical anatomy of humans and its relation to the non-physical aspect of human existence. You will learn to screen, cleanse and vitalize the aura and chakras for yourself and others.

After learning this healing, one can heal one’s self, others, and even conduct mass healings. Babaji takes care of every individual undertaking this course. It not only intensifies and accelerates growth of the recipient, but the healer as well.