"Each course is specially designed by Shri Shri Mahaavtar Babaji in very simple and with easy techniques, which anyone can understand and practice without any barriers of gender, religion or nationality."

To serve is the nature of divine, be divine and feel the blessings of Shri Shri Babaji.

1) Healing Courses

This divine knowledge is for those who have the will to serve others. This is not only knowledge butit is the great blessings of Shri Shri Babaji. Babaji personally takes care of those who participate in this course. This course is 18hours program divided into 2 days. It contains basic and technique to heal others who are suffering from physical and psychological diseases or ailments. It is designed to increase auto immune system of the human body; it helps to live disease free life with tremendous vitality and youthfulness, love, peace and happiness, great confidence and success.

    Program contains the knowledge following
  • Yogic process
  • Simple Breathing
  • Meditation (To harmonize your thoughts and emotion to keep you live and energetic.)
  • Anatomy of physical body, aura and Chakra’s
  • Balancing of five elements.
  • Technique of screening, cleaning and vitalizing of aura and chakras.
  • Distance healing
  • Mass healing
  • Psycho healing


This course is wonderful combination of ancient knowledge and yogic process with the use of Crystal as an instrument. The Crystal is the divine mystic tool with tremendous power. Crystals are available in various colors and shapes. Each Color and each shape has its own power. Various colored crystals are available in shapes of ball, oval, terminator, pyramid, star, heart, cross etc. They have specific energy which can be used to fulfill the specific purpose or work. Shri Shri Babaji researched and developed simple technique to apply the crystal power to heal or to manifest the dream come, learn and experience the power of crystal.

2) Advance Courses

This is an ancient tradition. The divine process of initiation who took sanyas, Who want to go into Spiritual way. In this process soul of SAINT is crafted with our soul in the same way as a stem of a good healthy tree is grafted with the weak tree to get better fruits.


Param Tatva Upasana Gurudiksha is a divine blessing of his holiness Mahavatar Babaji to mankind. To attain oneness with supreme being ( Param Tatva ), you surrender yourself as a disciple in the divine lotus feet of Supreme Guru ( Param Siddha Guru ) his holiness Mahavatar Babaji. UNIQUE THING IS THAT HIS HOLINESS MAHAVATAR BABAJI ACCEPTS AND INITIATES YOU AS HIS DISCIPLE AND TAKING RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR ' YOGKSHEMAM'. You are directly connected with Babaji. By performing PARAM TATVA UPASANA regularly, you receive bliss of His Holiness Babaji and become one with Supreme Being ( Param Tatva ).

3) Other Courses

This opens the secrets of the brain. It is a unique combination of ancient knowledge and modern science. Simple process and technique of Yoga enable you to restore the memory power with less effort. It is effective for all age group to increase memory power, serenity and fitness of mind and calmness of thoughts and emotion.